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Lian Li Armorsuit PC-P60 review

Lian Li Armorsuit PC-P60

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Suiting Up

Suiting Up

PC cases, as you all know by know, are really just metal boxes covering the valuable innards of your computers from getting kicked at, tripped over or in a worse case scenario, smashed flat. It's therefore no surprise sometimes they are referred to as armor, with massive steel plates and heavy weight (or in some cases, the use of aluminum makes the casing light). Of course over time as computer hardware progressed, the requirement for proper cooling have made the once humble casing a more respected component of the entire PC chain as its design makes or breaks the focused cooling and ventilation within.

Lian Li has is one of the few veterans of casings manufacturers and from their legacy of catering to industrial designs, many of their personal computer casings have sort of swayed towards a simple no-nonsense facade. However, their internal designs carry a lot of thought and that's one key reason why several enthusiasts are fond of Lian Li casings. Today we take a look at a new series from the veteran in the form of their Armorsuit PC-P60, which continues the Taiwanese company's love affair with aluminum cases. Not to be confused with the original PC-60 casings, this medium tower Armorsuit casing is designed mostly for gamers. On the onset, the casing feels well made and sturdy, yet light enough at 8kg that we could comfortably lift it with one hand (though getting the right grip to lift it with may be a bit more challenging). It has the normal range of features which we will explore in a bit, but also packs something distinctly different from most cases, which we'll talk about more in the next page.