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LG 42-inch SL90 series TV review

LG's LED-backlit Beauty - The 42-inch SL90 series TV

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Overall rating 8/10
HD Performance:
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Handy Bluetooth feature
Decent black levels
Satisfactory 24p pulldown
Dependent on visual enhancements
Inconsistent motion handling

Cosmetics and Features

Beyond Borders

You've guessed right if you think the SL90 will sit right at the top of LG's premium line of HDTVs. Given its aesthetics, it isn't hard to see why the Koreans are marketing this 1080p model as their trump card. The SL90 boasts of a very slim form factor, thanks to its implementation of energy-friendly Edge LED backlights. At only 29mm thick, it is actually 0.9mm thinner than Samsung's Series 7. The SL90 is also able to swivel should you choose to free-stand its panel. We'll discuss more on its viewing angles later when we tackle the TV's display performance.

Anyway, don't let the SL90's slender aesthetics fool you. LG's latest pet project may be a skinny dipper, but keep in mind that it is relatively heavy for its size. As mentioned, a glass sheet has been incorporated across the TV's face in order to achieve an edge-to-edge fascia which explains its 'Borderless' moniker. This implementation has added to the TV's overall weight. Not to mention that the TV's stand is pretty heavy too since it also constructed with a layer of glass itself. Some assembly is required if you choose to mount the TV on its stand. We wouldn't recommend attempting this alone since the parts aren't light.

It's a little puzzling, but it seems that LG has taken a cue from Samsung by throwing in a secondary remote which does basic programming like managing your TV channels or volume for instance. This is to save you from unnecessary squabbles with your other half perhaps? Ports-wise, the SL90 has more than adequate circuitry for your home entertainment needs. Three HDMI connectors and two sets of Component jacks can be found at its back panel amongst other AV offerings. For greater convenience, there's another HDMI connector located at the side panel, along with a USB port which supports various media formats like JPEG, MPEG4, DivX and MP3 files.

The SL90 is packed with nifty features like an Energy Saving option and Intelligent Sensor mode. By using a light sensor, the TV is able to adjust its backlights and display settings according to your room's ambient lights. On top of that, the SL90 also boasts of a Bluetooth function, meaning you get to stream media files from your mobile phones. We checked it out with a Sony Ericsson W595, and it worked flawlessly. Alternatively, you can also choose to hush things up by connecting your Bluetooth headset wirelessly to the set. Too add, its Picture Wizard option is another handy application for display calibration, since it gives you an immediate visual representation whilst changing your settings. If you're savvy enough, you might want to consider using its Expert 1 or 2 presets which allows for more in-depth tweaks of the TV's color management system. Understandably, we didn't locate any fancy widgets on the SL90 since it is obviously lacking in the network connectivity department.