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LG 42-inch SL90 series TV review

LG's LED-backlit Beauty - The 42-inch SL90 series TV

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Overall rating 8/10
HD Performance:
SD Performance:
Handy Bluetooth feature
Decent black levels
Satisfactory 24p pulldown
Dependent on visual enhancements
Inconsistent motion handling


A Seamless Grandeur

Sony and Samsung are notably the more aggressive proponents of the LED-backlit initiative if you care to look at the LCD HDTVs today. As we know it, Sony has their latest ZX1 series and BRAVIA 1080 Wireless solution to shout about, while Samsung has equipped their LED fleet with Yahoo and YouTube widgets to augment its desirability. Unfortunately for them, their competitors have picked up scent of this blooming trend, and it appears that more and more TV makers are stepping into the LED-backlit arena. Philips, Sharp and more recently, LG, are here to deny these two consumer electronics giants from monopolizing a greater chunk of the market share.

However, the Korean chaebol isn't exactly a newcomer to the LED scene. LG's 240Hz LH90 was announced earlier this year, but sadly, it never quite found its way to our shores although it did make its rounds in the States. Fast forward to the present, LG is hoping to triumph the intensifying competition with two new series from their "Borderless" range. The SL80 is your typical CCFL-based LCD TV
, while the SL90 is slightly more interesting with its LED-backlights, a 120Hz refresh rate, a staggering dynamic contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1, and of course, a very slim girth. We've managed to get our hands on the 42-inch SL90 which packs a Full-HD resolution as well. Another popular trend preferred by TV manufacturers these days is to ditch the bezel found on most TVs, and LG has done just that by fitting a single sheet of laminate film over their "Borderless" suite to provide for a seamless package. Want to know more? Well, there's more on the SL90's aesthetics and visual performances after the jump.