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LG INFINIA LX9500 LED LCD TV (55-inch) review

LG INFINIA LX9500 3D LED TV - Ad Infinitum!

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Overall rating 8.5/10
3D Performance:
HD Performance:
SD Performance:
Striking visuals
Inky blacks
Practical features
Poor noise filters
Less adept with SD source


To Infinity And Beyond

LG Electronics might not be the first TV manufacturer to grace retail shelves with a 3D display, but they are by no means another indecisive follower in the tech industry without innovations of their own. We had a first-hand impression of their latest INFINIA series when we made our rounds in Korea. And truth be told, we were subtly impressed. Not because of the TV's sleek styling alone, but also by LG's quiet foray into technologies within and behind the display panel itself. The 55-inch INFINIA LX9500 3D LED TV we are about to dissect is right up there, if cutting-edge technologies are to be discussed at the table. The LX9500 flaunts an IPS panel to begin with. Furthermore, LG has made gratifying advancements in the field of LED backlights with their recent efforts. Many prominent TV brands have deployed both, direct or edge lighting, to illuminate their panels. The Koreans, however, have taken it a step further with direct and segmented LED backlights. To put matters into perspective, the flagship LX9500 incorporates an LED structure which harbors 240 addressable segments powered by 1,200 LED bulbs in all. This Full LED Slim feature (alternatively known as LG's IOP technology), in essence, combines the best of direct backlighting with local dimming features in its arsenal, and yet, without sacrificing the TV's slim profile.

Infinite possibilities arise with the the THX-certified INFINIA, if we may use that phrase as a figure of speech. And if you've seen the TV commercial, you'd probably know that LG is selling freedom with its latest suite of swanky televisions as well. The LX9500's BORDERLESS design speaks of a sleek panel and seamless bezel which might give you a hint as to what visual 'freedom' is like. Apart from that, the LX9500 owns other sweet treats such as DLNA support and an IDTV tuner in its slim package. If enhanced frame interpolation is a big thing to you, then its 400Hz TruMotion perk with scanning backlights should perk up your senses too.  Of course, let's not forget about the NetCast application and its integrated web services. At the 3D end, the LX9500 is dependent on active shutter glasses similar to those offered by Sony, Samsung and Panasonic. Then again, LG's glasses are touted to last up to 40 hours and rechargeable via USB. That's a plus point for them. The LG display also boasts of dual IR transmitters instead of one, which supposedly offers a wider viewing angle and a longer viewing range. If these features are to be trusted, then we are certain the INFINIA would make a fine television indeed. Before we raise our glasses for a hasty toast, however, let's run it through the necessary hurdles to see if the LX9500 is worth its chops. Be sure to take note of its basic specs in the relevant tab above.