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LG GBW-H10N review

LG GBW-H10N (4x Blu-ray Writer)

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A blend of gray and beige marks the front bezel of the LG GBW-H10N but besides that minor aesthetic choice, this looks like any other optical drive on the market. Except for the addition of a Blu-ray disc logo that is. You can expect the usual black faceplates to appear soon in later revisions or models but its exterior is not the main attraction. What matters is that this drive can burn normal BD-R (write-once) at up to 4x CLV (up to 144Mbps), which is twice as fast as the next available model in the market now. It can also do BD-RE (rewritable Blu-ray disc) at the more typical 2x speed. Overall, the 'Super Multi' tag placed on it is quite deserving, as this drive can also do all existing DVD (both single and dual layers) and CD formats. This even extends to less popular formats like DVD-RAM and is a significant progress over the early Blu-ray burners, which usually sacrificed CD writing capabilities.

It's not all peachy however as what it can't do unfortunately is burn dual layer BD media, so 50GB dual layer discs are out. It does read them at 4x but since dual layer BD-ROM discs are quite rare at the moment, it shouldn't be that important yet. For those who think long term however, the lack of dual layer Blu-ray writing capabilities is definitely a shortcoming. Hopefully we may see this corrected in the future, perhaps by a firmware update. Besides this lack of support, do note that the writing speeds for the other DVD formats may not be the fastest around. 12x is the maximum that the LG GBW-H10N can do for DVD+/-R and CD writing speed (if you still need it) is capped at 8x.

LG has also bundled a suite of very useful applications, called LG BD Rewriter Solution, which are actually popular CyberLink programs. The list includes:

  • Power2Go
  • Instant Burn
  • Power Backup
  • PowerProducer
  • PowerDVD

Unfortunately, at this moment, CyberLink's Power Producer and Power DVD software has not attained the official Blu-ray certification from the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) so Blu-ray authoring and playback support may not be supported in the bundled versions. LG has asked consumers to check its website here periodically as updates to these programs will be provided.