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LG GBW-H10N review

LG GBW-H10N (4x Blu-ray Writer)

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DVD and BD Benchmarks

DVD and BD Benchmarks

First let's go through some figures to better understand the read capabilities of this Blu-ray drive using Nero DVD Speed. This is tested with two commercially pressed DVD-ROMs (a single-layer and a dual-layer) and four recordable DVD media (DVD-R. DVD-RW, DVD+R and DVD+RW) and of course, the single BD-R media that came with the drive.

The read speed of the LG GBW-H10N has been rated at 4.8x and as our results show, it does approach its theoretical limit near the end. The average turned out to be slightly less at 3.59x. As for the other media formats, the LG performs up to its specifications by the end of the test, though naturally that means the average will fall short of the stated maximum speeds. The seek times were also quite on par with most burners in the market.

However, we did find the CPU usage of this drive to exceed the norm by a significant amount. Usually, the maximum utilization that you can expect from a typical burner is less than 10%. Hence it was quite disturbing to find a peak of 44% CPU usage on the LG. Surprisingly, this usage was lower when reading a Blu-ray disc compared to other media. It is likely that this drive has not been optimized for some formats and hopefully, this usage figure will fall in future revisions.