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LG 60PZ950 Plasma Smart TV review

LG 60PZ950 Plasma TV - A Blacker Shade of Pale

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Overall rating 8.5/10
3D Performance:
HD Performance:
SD Performance:
Elegant design
Fast response time
Excellent 3D depths and clarity
Subtle image retention
Sub-par black depths

Features & Calibration


The LG LV3730 and LW6500 have passed through our way before. Although they are both LCD models essentially, they do share a similar Smart TV platform as the PZ950 PDP. As such, we won't rehash our opinion on the TV's multimedia and Internet features, but feel free to visit both links to find out more about our experience with their Internet suite. As it stands, LG's integrated web browser is yet unable to support embedded Flash 10 content, although the TV does support Flash 8 (or below) and HTML5. According to LG, future updates are planned for in the pipeline. What's noticeably different with the current Smart TV package, however, is the final availability of LG Apps. For those who aren't in the know, the Koreans' app store wasn't ready following the PZ950's launch earlier this year. At a glance, LG has a wide array of news, gaming and entertainment apps to offer. Although they have a handful of video streaming apps available, LG has yet to secure any video-on-demand (VOD) partnerships with the local ISPs, such as rival Samsung's venture with Singtel.

In terms of picture presets, the PZ950 is armed with ten whopping choices including the THX Cinema and THX Bright Room modes. Since they are pre-calibrated settings, do note that you won't be able to edit the picture settings with these two selections. 



Calibration - Spyder3TV Report

To maintain a standard across our review units, we calibrated the LG PZ950 with Datacolor's Spyder3TV Home Theater Color Calibration kit prior to our visual tests. This is to ensure we assess the HDTV based on optimal display settings and not on visual estimation alone. Using the TV's Standard preset, we've also disabled all the necessary enhancement features.

Here are the recommended picture settings after calibration - Brightness: 40, Contrast: 81, Color:54 and Tint:1. Black and white luminance values were rated at 0.098 cd/m2 and 102.571 cd/m2 respectively. Compared to Panasonic's VT20S, LG's PZ950 achieved marginally darker black luminance levels although the VIERA did fare better in terms of white luminance readings (130.224 cd/m2). Despite the aid of their TruBlack filter, LG will have to work just a little bit harder to beat their opponents on both counts. For those who'd like to calibrate the TV further, LG's advanced 10-point calibration option is still available via the Expert 1 and Expert 2 selection.