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LG 60PZ950 Plasma Smart TV review

LG 60PZ950 Plasma TV - A Blacker Shade of Pale

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Overall rating 8.5/10
3D Performance:
HD Performance:
SD Performance:
Elegant design
Fast response time
Excellent 3D depths and clarity
Subtle image retention
Sub-par black depths

Design & Connectivity


Before we discuss its aesthetics, we would like to emphasize that this set weighs almost 45kg (including its stand). If you don't wish to break your back, it's best to assemble this 60-inch display with some assistance. That said, LG continues its 'one sheet of glass' implementation here; a design which made its first appearance with last year's INFINIA range. While it may boost contrast levels by a fair bit, this layer of plexiglass is also guilty of augmenting the PZ950's weight and reflective nature. Measuring about an inch thick, the inner bezels are observably chunkier than Samsung's recent '+1' design. On the other hand, transparent rims along the PZ950's perimeter do lend the TV a nice contemporary vibe. And as with most of LG's premium sets, a row of touch-sensitive controls are present in place of hardware buttons. While this model isn't small by any means, the panel is still able to swivel on its rectangular plastic-top stand, which is rather hefty by itself.



The majority of analog and digital ports are congregated behind, including two component inlets and two HDMI ports. The breakout panel by the side holds two of the remaining HDMI and USB ports, as well as a composite input. On that note, you'll have to make the necessary space allowance for wall-mounts if you plan on using the rear-facing jacks. LG has made little changes to their remotes since last year's INFINIA release, so you can expect the same wieldy remote with generously-sized directional keys. One useful item in the PZ950's package is the Magic Motion Remote. In our opinion, this wand is an indispensable accessory since it facilitates the Smart TV experience with its convenient gesture-controlled navigation. As for its active-shutter glasses (model S250), they are somewhat clunky, but feels relatively light when worn. They are rechargeable, and pairs with the TV via an RF (Radio Frequency) signal instead of IR (Infrared). According to LG, the S250 is supposed to last up to 40 hours with each full charge.