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LG 42-inch LH50YD LCD TV review

LG 42-inch LH50YD LCD TV - One Step Closer To The Movies

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Overall rating 8/10
HD Performance:
SD Performance:
Excellent 24p conversion
Healthy 480i upscaling
Relatively deep blacks
Hard to reach side-panel
Poor noise reduction
Moderately expensive

One Step Closer To The Movies

The Decepticon That Got Away

The Koreans have never been coy with their product designs. We have seen what Samsung and LG can do when it comes to engineering the ostentatious just to garner some eyeballs. Think Crystal Design. Think Scarlet. However, LG seems to believe in a strange equation when it comes to balancing the flamboyant and the full-blooded.

Back in April, LG Electronics pushed a handful of their HDTVs to the fore with much emphasis placed on the LH50YD and Scarlet LH70YR series. Given the Scarlet's looks, one might have been hoodwinked into thinking that it bags more potential than the less alluring LH50. Well, think again. The simpler it looks, the more it hides. And we're not talking about Megatron here.

For starters, the LH50 features a 200Hz frame rate compared to the 100Hz LH70. The LH50 might not sport any fancy red trimmings, but it carries an integrated digital TV tuner. Using the 42-inch models as a comparison, the LH50 and LH70 are set apart by a cost difference of $1000 based on their listed price. Have we got a winner on our hands? Well, trek on to find out.