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Lexmark S815 Genesis review

Lexmark Genesis S815 All-In-One Printer - Snap and Print

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Overall rating 8.5/10
Fast scanning
Good print quality
Custom apps enhance usability
Scan quality not dramatically better
Only one paper input tray
No ADF function
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Most Innovative Product

Design & Setup

Like a Mini Kiosk

The Genesis S815 has a smaller footprint (39 x 32cm) than most AIOs but stands roughly twice as tall (42cm). This is a result of the near-upright position of the scanner unit, which is necessary due to its depth (the use of lens and mirrors takes a fair bit of space). In fact, the printer engine (along with the output tray) literally sits below the scanner. Only a single 100-sheet plain paper input tray is provided for at the back; so if you need to print on a different media, the existing papers have to be removed first. During use, we found that because the scanner unit slightly obscured our view of this tray, we had no choice but to get up from the chair and peer over the printer to make sure we’ve seated the paper properly.

The whole front surface of the S815 sees a layer of black translucent plastic covering the black plastic chassis to create that piano-black finish. A small cloth is thoughtfully provided for you to wipe away any fingerprint and dust. There’s even a slot behind the front door for you to keep the cloth after using it. All in all, the printer looks swanky and modern. And given its distinct appearance, be prepared for curious glances whenever someone passes by your desk.



Control Panel

The control panel resides on the scanner lit itself, and consists mainly of two parts: the 4.3-inch touchscreen LCD and the touch-sensitive controls below it. The only physical button is the Power button. When the printer is on, pressing it would switch it to Power Saver mode.

Most of the interaction is done with the touchscreen LCD. The backlit touch “buttons” only appear when a function (Back, Home, Help, Start and Cancel) is available. As its name implies, the Home button brings you back to the Home screen (shown in the image below). Here, you can access the copy, scan, fax, memory device (appears when you’ve a flash drive or memory card connected) or SmartSolutions menu. As mentioned earlier, SmartSolutions lets you add custom apps to the printer. However, the process requires the printer to be connected to the computer (the latter needs to login to the SmartSolutions website). It’d be great if we can download the apps via Wi-Fi directly onto the printer sans the computer.

If you copy or scan a lot, the vertical placements of the scanner and the control panel make both a boon to use. Because the scanner glass is slightly angled, there’s no worry of the document falling off the scanner glass. There’s also a clip that runs the length of the upper part of the glass for you to clip on to smaller-sized documents. We like that after placing a document and closing the scanner lid, the S815 would take a picture of the document and preview it almost instantly on the LCD screen. From there you can choose to either copy, scan, or fax the document; or run a “solution”. In terms of user interface design and user experience, the Genesis S815 scores very highly. 


Body Elements



Ink Cartridges

The Genesis S815 uses a total of four dye-based inks (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), with each color having its own cartridge. It's worth noting that Lexmark has something called Return Program Cartridges which are sold at cheaper prices compared to the regular, similar-yield cartridges. Here in Singapore, the Return Program Cartridges can be bought from Popular Bookstore or Challenger. The used cartridges can be returned to the Lexmark office, or you can call Lexmark to arrange for a supplies partner to pick them up from you.

Replacement Consumables
Type Rated Yield Price
100XL Cyan High Yield Return Program Ink Cartridge (14N1069A)

 600 (each)

S$28.90 (each)

100XL Magenta High Yield Return Program Ink Cartridge (14N1070A)
100XL Yellow High Yield Return Program Ink Cartridge (14N1071A)
100XL Black High Yield Return Program Ink Cartridge (14N1068A) 510 S$41.57
100 Cyan Return Program Ink Cartridge (14N0900A)

 200 (each)

S$17.02 (each)

100 Magenta Return Program Ink Cartridge (14N0901A)
100 Yellow Return Program Ink Cartridge (14N0902A)
100 Black Return Program Ink Cartridge (14N0820A) 170 S$26.72