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Lenovo IdeaCentre Q110 review

Lenovo IdeaCentre Q110 - Ion Inside!

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Lenovo seems to be really busy these days, happily churning out a whole range of consumer products in its "Idea" range and this time around, you're looking at a tiny and slim nettop - the IdeaCentre Q110. The nettop, which sports NVIDIA's ION platform and running on an Intel's Atom processor, is definitely more than capable of churning out the goods when it comes to HD video playback and probably some light gaming. So it's no surprise to also find that the super slim Q110 comes packed only with a HDMI connector for its video output and a VESA mount to attach it to your monitor (you can get a separate adapter to convert the output to DVI if required). Of course, if you want to keep the unit separated from your screen, there's always the stand that comes included with the unit.

On the whole, the Q110 conveys a very svelte look that leaves us wanting more:- and it does. If you note the specs table below, you'll find that the Q110 does lack certain features that you would normally find on modern machines. For starters, apart from the LAN port, there isn't any other option for connectivity. There's no wireless LAN, or Bluetooth, though as part of Lenovo's deal with StarHub's broadband plan, the unit will come with a 3G dongle. There's also no keyboard or mouse included, but Lenovo has thrown in a separate wireless mini keyboard, the N5901 in the same package to sweeten the deal.