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Leadtek WinFast PX7600 GT TDH Extreme review

Leadtek WinFast PX7600 GT TDH Extreme 256MB

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Leadtek's Extremely Fast GeForce 7600 GT

Leadtek's Extremely Fast GeForce 7600 GT

Feeling slightly weightier than the reference design in our hands, the Leadtek WinFast PX7600 GT TDH Extreme (shortened to Leadtek Extreme for this review) sports a solid cooler that takes up much more PCB real estate than the standard issue. As if to show that it means business, the minimal decal blends with the metal shroud, coming off as industrial and functional rather than the usual pretty decal stickers that you would find. Certainly, with many vendors adding fancy extras like LEDs on fans and whatnots, the Leadtek Extreme seems a throwback with its mean and lean look.

Of course, knowing that the core of the Leadtek Extreme runs at a blazingly fast 590MHz out of the box went some way into conjuring that image. The memory chips are no slouch either, as they are clocked at 1600MHz DDR. Compared to the 575/1500MHz clocks that we found on the already impressive XpertVision GeForce 7600GT Sonic, the Leadtek Extreme promises more of the same electric speed and hopefully the benchmarks later will show what separates the two over-performers.

Like the XpertVision and its redesigned bright red PCB, Leadtek stuck to the green PCB but the layout differs slightly from the reference cards in terms of component placement like capacitors. The other aspects of the Leadtek Extreme thankfully follow the reference design, like its dual DVI outputs, one more than that on the XpertVision. Its noise level was also favorably lower than the standard GeForce 7600 GT and to our untutored ears, probably on par with the XpertVision card.

If the high clock speeds don't seem all that special to the jaded among us, Leadtek has spared no efforts in its bundle, which is one of the better ones we have seen for the mid-range GeForce 7600 GT. Besides the standard accessories, there's also the relatively new CyberLink Power DVD 6.0 as the de facto DVD playback application. Those who experiment with home videos may also find MuVee 3 a useful video-editing tool. Finally, the Leadtek Extreme comes with two games, including the sequel to the sleeper hit Serious Sam, imaginatively titled as Serious Sam II. Overall, this is an above average (read as good) bundle that attempts to balance the needs of non-gamers and gamers alike. There's something for everybody as you can see in the list of items below:

  • 1 x DVI-to-VGA adaptor
  • 9-pin mini-DIN to Component dongle
  • User Manual
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • Driver CD
  • CyberLink Power DVD 6.0
  • MuVee 3
  • Trackmania Nations (full game)
  • Serious Sam II (full game)