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LanCool Metal Boned K12 review

Lancool Metal Boned K12

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Hard Like Metal - The Exterior

Hard Like Metal - The Exterior

As a hybrid casing, the Metal Boned K12 comes across as feeling a tad strange, neither here nor there, though we can't argue with the minimalistic aesthetic appeal of the casing that's a definite hallmark of Lian Li's casings. Furthermore, the K12 weighs in at only 9.2kg, thanks to its aluminum exterior, allows the K12 chassis to be slightly lighter compared to a full SECC mid-tower casing, which is typically at least a heftier 10kg (and above). Technically speaking - it's still a SECC at heart, so aluminum lovers beware.

Some Lian Li cases feature the ability to change the swing direction of the front panel and in this regard, the K12 is no different. The front door can be switched, but with considerable work involved. However, this will likely be a once-off thing, so as messy as it may be, once it's done, you'll never have to bother (unless you're a compulsive door swapper).