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LanCool Metal Boned K12 review

Lancool Metal Boned K12

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Getting Metal Boned

Getting Metal Boned

With the economic downturn hitting some pockets hard, some of us may have felt the urge to cut back on spending too much on our favorite hobbies. For others, there's a natural avoidance to paying too much for a high-end PC casing. Thankfully, Lian Li's Lancool line is here to save the day with its Lian Li looking cases sporting a much cheaper price tag that should appeal to the more budget-minded folks out there.

So, the question is, why is Lian Li's Lancool line so much cheaper than its higher priced counterparts? Well, for starters, the case isn't exactly the full aluminum experience that you get from the standard Lian Li case. That's right, it's just aluminum on the outside, and good ol' SECC on the inside. The size here also plays a factor as the K12 is billed as a mid-tower casing and is hence cheaper than say, a full-tower casing from Lian Li.