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DFI BI 785G-M35 (AMD 785G) review

LAN Party Potential - DFI BI 785G-M35 (AMD 785G)

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LAN Party Potential

LAN Party Potential

DFI has practically named all its motherboards with the LANParty moniker. While this may give some the impression that these boards belong in PCs which you lug to a LAN party, not all of the vendor's boards are micro-ATX versions. Of course, there's no stopping anyone from bringing a full tower to a LAN party either. However, when it comes to the AMD 785G chipset, DFI, like the other brands we have seen, has opted for a mATX form factor.

With the relatively capable Radeon HD 4200 graphics chipset integrated within, the AMD 785G is a slight upgrade over its 780G predecessor, bringing with it improved HD playback support and a newer Southbridge that adds the Advanced Clock Calibration (ACC) feature that improves CPU overclocking which was found initially on the AMD 790GX. Although the integrated graphics is entry level, install a more capable, discrete graphics card and voila! One gets a reasonably high-end, value gaming system and even with a Hybrid Graphics option should you choose to pair the integrated with an ATI GPU.

DFI's latest board in its Blood-Iron (BI) series, the LANParty BI 785G-M35 is hoping you have that same idea of building on the 785G chipset, by offering enthusiast-class features like its well-known Auto Boost System (ABS) overclocking utility on the mATX scene. Let's check out what DFI has in store: