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What makes the iPhone 3G THE iPhone 3G?

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What makes the iPhone 3G THE iPhone 3G?

The moment the original iPhone was unveiled a year ago, it probably left a mark in history. Consumers all around the world were consumed and awed and bowled over by the full touch screen platform and the simplistic design the iPhone sported. Soon after, numerous touch screen copycat phones started appearing in the market. Even though the concept of touch screen is not new, we believe the iPhone signaled a touch screen era in the mobile world.

A year after, Apple reveals the second revision of its iPhone line, the iPhone 3G. There certainly hasn't been a more talked about smartphone in the world. Even before its official launch, rumors of the iPhone's second coming were rampant. When Mr. Steve Jobs finally announced it during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) earlier this year, the media were quick to feed on the news, and constantly generated a buzz about the phone.

Along with the iPhone 3G announcement, Apple also introduced the MobileMe Internet Service and the availability of the Apple App Store, which we took a look at not too long ago. With these services along with faster download speeds over a 3G network, A-GPS technology, superb user interface, the iPhone 3G has changed the way we look at mobile phones. Of course, the iPhone 3G is not without flaws. Expect the battery life to decrease significantly when you are playing games, browsing the Web, using Google Maps and etc.