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Intel X25-M Generation 2 SSD (160GB) review

Intel X25-M Reloaded: Generation 2 Cometh (Updated!)

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Results - PCMark Vantage

Results - PCMark Vantage

Next we used PCMark Vantage to find out how these drives fared in real-world scenarios by focusing on the hard drive test suite. These tests range from gaming performance, to loading applications and media creation performance - all in all, testing a mix of read/write performance whose blend varies in each of the test scenarios.

If you thought the original X25-M was doing swell in these real-world scenarios, the newer and more refined second generation X25-M unit outdoes its earlier sibling and its enterprise variant too. This presumably hints that the PCMark Vantage tests have more read-based routines than write-based ones. And indeed you can see that the new drive does really well in all the read-heavy tasks like loading applications, Windows Startup and Windows Defender scanning. Even in tests where write-related tasks coming heavy, the new drive has shown marked improvements over its predecessor. So far, the new drive seems to be in a positive light.