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HTC Touch Pro2 review

HTC Touch Pro2 - For the Professionals

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Playing At The Next Level

In the beginning, there was the Touch Pro. No, wait... there was the TyTN II... nope, that's not it either, the TyTN? Whatever it is, this heritage of slide-out QWERTY phones stands as a testament to HTC Corporation's long-standing experience in making Windows Mobile phones that leave no stone unturned in the business market.

The HTC Touch Pro2 is the latest evolution in this series. Considering how the smartphone world has turned in recent times, it's neither spectacularly glitzy, nor does it do anything that would be considered epoch-making. But as we shall see, HTC has focused on making the Touch Pro2 fit nicely into the lives of a certain breed of buyer. In our preview, we brought you an important first glimpse of the phone's externals, so let's dive in below the surface now for a full review and see exactly what the features and functions have to offer!