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HTC Touch Pro review

HTC Touch Pro - The Full (Keyboard) Review

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We do know that there are similar design aspects to both the Touch Pro and the Touch Diamond, but you might not notice the subtle details and differences for both devices. For a better overview, we take a bird's eye approach to the Touch Pro and made some mental notes on its aesthetic layout. Truth is, it might not strike you as significant, but the Touch Pro's edges are now curved and rounded. Herein lies the beauty of the Touch Pro. With curvier edges as opposed to the Touch Diamond's harsher edges, you won't be seeing any marks left on your hands after a prolonged usage.

Nonetheless, it is undeniable that the Touch Pro would face an obstacle when it comes to first impressions, and it'll be staring one right in the eyes: it's 18.05mm thickness. A far cry from its QWERTY-less sibling's 11.35mm profile, the Touch Pro won't be winning the slimmest phone award, but in retrospect, you'll be receiving a plethora of features that puts many other current Windows Mobile devices to shame. But before we give you a full listing of the functionality of the Touch Pro in our next page, here's a little pictorial treat from us.

Sporting a similar look to the Touch Diamond's form factor, the biggest (yes, pun absolutely intended here) noticeable difference is the thicker profile as mentioned previously, which is built to fit a 5-row QWERTY keyboard right under the Touch Pro's 2.8" VGA screen. Unlike the earlier HTC TyTN II with a right to left sliding motion and a tilting screen, the Touch Pro returns to the popular left to right slider. We did enquire on the 180 degrees switch, and in response, HTC mentioned that the Touch Pro was after all, built on the Touch Diamond mold with minute differences only. With the secondary video camera positioned at the upper right corner, it was necessary to revert back onto the left to right sliding motion to allow for the optimum video calling experience whilst you are using the keyboard.