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HTC Touch HD and HTC Touch 3G Preview

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HTC Touch HD - Highly Distinguished

HTC Touch HD - Highly Distinguished

How long has it been since we've reviewed the HTC Touch Pro? Less than a month. And in less than a month, HTC has given us another treat in the form of three new Windows Mobile 6.1 devices that's sure to give you something to look out for during the Christmas season. Of course, we're talking about the HTC Touch HD, HTC Touch 3G and finally, the HTC Touch Viva.

For the acute eyes, you'll notice that this is a preview of both the Touch HD and Touch 3G only. The Touch Viva, at this moment, hasn't been confirmed to make an appearance in the Singapore market, but we won't be ruling that out for the Asia Pacific region, as mentioned by the folks at HTC. Nonetheless, if it's either the Touch HD or the Touch 3G that has caught your eyes, read on as we give you a quick preview of the Touch HD and the Touch 3G in the next few minutes.

The HD initials have, in recent times, been associated with high-definition TVs and such. Of course, one might surmise that the Touch HD does go along that line, and right you are if that was your guess. The Touch HD, like its earlier siblings such as the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro, comes with a full VGA screen for greater image quality on your display. What really got us interested in this HTC device, is the huge 3.8-inch screen with WVGA support at 480 x 800 resolution. Beyond the visual aspect, the Touch HD also now comes with a 3.5mm audio jack, something that was sorely lacking on its Touch predecessors. On the software front, the TouchFlo 3D remains, and is now equipped with an additional Stock tab that gives you the stock market updates with a quick data download. Here's a list of the specifications to make things easier on the eyes and brain to comprehend.