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HTC Touch Diamond review

HTC Touch Diamond

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It was not so long ago when Windows Mobile enthusiasts got a little treat from HTC with the introduction of the HTC Touch, the first of many Touch series devices that have reached our shores in the past few months. More importantly, HTC's innovative TouchFlo technology has brought a wave of change, bringing an improved and intuitive experience to the user that's a step closer to our natural perception of touch.

Taking its Touch family to the fourth iteration, HTC recently unveiled its latest Windows Mobile device, the HTC Touch Diamond (as covered in our previous preview ), which scored quite a few positive hits on both the lifestyle and technological front. With a few new tricks up its sleeve, the Diamond sees the debut of an updated Windows Mobile 6.1 while continuing to innovate with an improved TouchFlo 3D interface. In fact, we found ourselves with a rather familiar itch: the desire to own a spanking new device at the expense of our wallets. Of course, if that thought does not deter you, join us as we present the Diamond in all its sparkling glory in the upcoming pages.