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HTC Desire Z review

HTC Desire Z - The A to Z of an Android

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Overall rating 8.5/10
Slim profile even with QWERTY keyboard
Sturdy build
Good tactile feedback from keyboard
Low battery mileage
Need to familiarize with keyboard layout


F(eaturing) the Desire Z

At first sight, you might be worried at how flat the keys appear to be. Fortunately, first impressions don't count here, and we were pleased at the good tactile feel we get from the compact, yet well-spaced keyboard. Typing is definitely easy on the fingers, but when it comes to wide screen devices, there's always one issue - the length of your keyboard. While this means you get ample space between each keys,  this leaves the keys situated at the middle slightly further from your thumbs to reach.

Having a 3.7-inch display does make it easier on usability, but if you prefer to rely on the keyboard, you'll be glad to know that shortcuts are in abundance. But that requires some time for you to do some customizing on the menu. On the keyboard, you'll notice two shortcut keys that can be pre-assigned to launch your favorite app, say Twitter or Gmail. Should you find a need to add more shortcuts, each alphabetical key can also be assigned accordingly. The only difference is, the two dedicated shortcut keys will launch with one click, while you'll have to press and hold for the shortcuts on the alphabetical keys.

Like its larger and more powerful Desire HD sibling, the Desire Z is loaded with some impressive software features. As explained earlier, makes its debut appearance on this device and the Desire HD. The online service comes with a few security and backup features such as remote lock and wipe. Further to that, gives you the option to forward calls in the event you misplaced your phone. In our earlier Desire HD review, provides contacts and messages backup. To learn more about, we've highlighted some of its practical features here.