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HTC Desire HD review

HTC Desire HD - A Worthy Upsize?

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Overall rating 9/10
THE GOOD and its suite of services
Updated HTC Sense UI
Improved audio capability
Larger storage space of 1.5GB
S-LCD screen
Heavy at 164g
Average Imaging quality
Limited battery life


A Desire for Everyone

Everyone knows that HTC is on the roll these days, churning one Android phone after another, there's practically a HTC Android phone for almost every kind of consumer. Recently, the Taiwanese company has taken a breather from high-end Android devices like HTC Legend and HTC Desire, and instead, concentrated on the likes of entry-level Android phones like the HTC Smart and Wildfire. However with coming of the HTC Desire HD (along with the Desire Z), the spotlight is back on everyone's favorite Android phone manufacturer, upping the ante that was achieved with the HTC Desire. Why do we say so?

When the Desire was first released, it gained traction for being one of the few with the Android 2.1 OS and an improved HTC Sense UI. The new Desire smartphones will bring more to the lineup. In addition to showcasing unique hardware specifications (for e.g., the Desire HD comes with a 4.3-inch screen and 8-megapixel camera), HTC also unveiled a new and improved Sense UI and a complementary suite of free mobile security services on Read on as we give you a detailed breakdown of why the Desire HD might be one to look out for if you are looking to upgrade.