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HP TouchSmart IQ506 PC review

HP TouchSmart IQ506 PC - The Full Review

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Get Smart Touching

Last seen at our labs just before its unveiling in Berlin at the HP Connecting Your World event was the HP TouchSmart IQ506 PC, which made its way to our labs again for a full review as promised. But first, you might want to take a trip down memory lane and look at the IQ506's predecessor, the IQ770 PC , which while nice, didn't quite evoke the excitement and appeal of the newer IQ506. It's good to know that given the time span of about a year, HP has done a minor miracle in shrinking the previous design into something much more compact and stylish, something which we quite like and is sure to appeal to consumers too.

Besides shrinking the size down into a more compact package, HP has also upped the touch screen panel size of the IQ506 to 22-inches of glorious screen realty. Furthermore, HP also promises 4GB of memory for every variant that will be available on the market, which in our books makes the newer IQ506 that much sweeter (or powerful whichever way you look at it). So now that we've gotten your attention, let's start with the specifications listing of the HP TouchSmart IQ506 system before we take a closer look at its characteristics:-