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HP Pavilion Elite m9090a Desktop PC review

HP Pavilion Elite m9090a Desktop PC

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Looking Good

Looking Good

HP has been rather consistent in its exterior design of the Pavilion branded desktops and notebooks and this approach continues with this Elite m9090a desktop. That means the chassis comes in glossy black, with touches of silver to break the monotony. Naturally, this is all very photogenic though in reality, the surface picks up every fingerprint and smudges easily. We suppose it's useful for tracking down amateur thieves trying to run off with this expensive PC but the plastic nature of the chassis's exterior shell doesn't exactly spell classy to us.

While we may disagree with the choice of chassis material, we have to say that it's a rather handsome design from the front, with most of the unsightly slots and ports concealed behind panels. HP did make some practical and commendable design decisions, like having the power button located at the top for convenience, the rubbery non-slip top surface of the chassis to rest your other external peripherals and an extremely useful and hard to miss Easy Backup button to activate the included backup utility.

From the rear, one would realize that this is not your usual ATX chassis but is instead based on Intel's abortive BTX design. Personally, we aren't too sure about the merits of this design (and the market too doesn't seem to have adopted it), though it does places the CPU away from the warmer PSU. However it's not the first time that this chassis orientation has appeared in a HP desktop before and it probably won't be the last.