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HP Pavilion Elite m9090a Desktop PC review

HP Pavilion Elite m9090a Desktop PC

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The Meaning of Elite

The Meaning of Elite

In a world where there's growing alarm about the widening income disparity between the haves and have-nots, the word 'elite' has undoubtedly acquired some negative connotations among the less privileged. Of course if you're already a member or aspire to such a lofty status, that's another story but in any case, HP has just the PC for your rarefied station. Commonly used to describe the best and select members of any grouping, this word is now used by HP to distinguish its high-end desktop offerings from its more ordinary brethren.

Representing the best of HP's desktop PCs, the new HP Pavilion Elite m9000 series is targeted at those who desire the highest performance available on a desktop today, with features that make high-definition digital entertainment a reality, thanks to its use of the latest, multi-core processors and its extensive multimedia capabilities that's more often seen on HP's Media Center PCs. Since there's an entire (and potentially confusing) range of models to choose from this series, we are only focusing on one of the truly high-end versions in this review, the Quad core powered m9090a.

With its impressive list of specifications that includes a 2.4GHz Quad core Intel CPU, 2GB of DDR2 memory, a total disk capacity of up to 1TB, a Blu-ray/HD DVD-ROM combo drive, a DirectX 10 capable graphics card with HDMI output and even a tv tuner, this Elite PC certainly looks to live up to its billing as the ultimate desktop (at least among HP's offerings).