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HP Pavilion dv7 review

HP Pavilion dv7 - Bigger and Shinier

Bigger and Shinier

Bigger and Shinier

Just a few months back we had the opportunity to review HP's Pavilion dv3000 and we were left quite impressed with both its build and performance. With the recent launch of the Intel Centrino 2 platform and the subsequent plethora of Centrino 2 based notebooks, it's no surprise then, to find that the HP Pavilion dv7 has made its way to our labs. As the model name may hint, the dv7 is a much bigger and updated version of the dv3000, but you'll still find that there are pretty similar design aesthetics that are part of HP's current design lineup.

As a desktop replacement class notebook, the dv7 exudes the same classy and elegant look of the dv3000 and obviously packs Intel Centrino 2 technology to do its magic. It also features a pretty decent amount of entertainment options, from a TV tuner to a capable gaming experience and you can even upgrade to a Blu-ray drive to make full use of the HDMI output (though this option was not found in our review model).