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HP Mini 2140 review

HP Mini 2140 - Aluminum Once More

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Aluminum Once More

Aluminum Once More

While the exterior looks very familiar, the interior does have a few slight changes that should please detractors of the older Mini-Note 2133. For those of us who've been hoping for the second revision of the 2133 unit, these changes don't come as a surprise, so let's lightly touch on these improvements and move on to the main meat of the show: its new innards and performance over its predecessor.

First up, the screen - it's now bigger and comes in a 16:9 format instead of the usual 16:10 ratio. So instead of the standard 1024 x 600 resolution that we've been accustomed on existing mobile Atom-based machines, HP's Mini 2140 uses a 1024 x 578 resolution screen. HP has mentioned that a higher resolution version (1366 x 768) will be made available for retail soon, but there's really no need to go into super high resolutions seeing as how watching HD quality content on a small screen doesn't make any real sense to be honest.

With the enlargement of the screen size, you'll find that the speakers have been moved to below the screen instead. None too big a deal here, so we'll move on to the innards on the next page.