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HP Mini 2140 review

HP Mini 2140 - Aluminum Once More

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Numbers Do Matter

Numbers Do Matter

If there's one thing we hated on the previous HP Mini-Note 2133, it was the VIA C7-M processor and its platform, which caused it to run much warmer than the Intel Atom platform and it wasn't as fast as we would have liked it. So when the shiny and plasticky Mini 1000 made its appearance, we were frankly quite impressed that HP has managed to rectify most of what we didn't like on the older Mini-Note 2133. The story doesn't quite end here however, as CES 2009 rolled by, and HP dropped the bombshell with the introduction of the actual update to the Mini-Note 2133, the Mini 2140.

Like the 2133, our pre-production review unit of the HP Mini 2140 too has a sleek brushed aluminum finish that's really nice to look, feel and handle. The internals and platform aspects-wise, the new addition to HP's family actually shares a closer relationship to its stepbrother, the Mini 1000, especially with its larger screen and placement of its new speakers. In fact, other than what's been mentioned, you'll find that the Mini 2140 looking exactly like the 2133.