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Hanns.G HL195 18.5-inch LCD Monitor review

Hanns.G HL195 18.5-inch LCD Monitor - A Basic But Serviceable Desktop Companion

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Hanns.G HL195 18.5-inch LCD Monitor

This article first appeared in HWM Sep 2011.

A Basic But Serviceable Desktop Companion.

LED-backlit monitors are now pretty much commonplace, replacing LCD monitors using CCFL backlights of yesteryear with ease, thanks to better manufacturing quality and ever lower price points. If you’re in the market for a new LED-backlit display for your desktop PC, Hanns.G would like to submit the 18.5-inch HL195 for your consideration.

The HL195’s screen is 18.5-inches in size, with a native resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The first thing that grabs you when you unbox the product is its compact form and light weight; it tips the scale at just 2.5kg.

After testing and calibration, white luminescence reading came to 176.3cd/m2 and black luminescence was recorded at 0.30cd/m2. We found the contrast ratio to be approximately 588:1, as opposed to the 1000:1 number that is advertised by Hanns.G. Operating color temperature for the monitor is 6100K.

In the way of ports, the monitor offers connectivity via VGA. After running our calibration tests, we found that our HL195 test unit worked best at a brightness setting of 29 and a contrast setting of 70. There are also three color presets - Warm, Nature and Cool - for users to choose from.

Overall picture quality was merely average, to say the least. The monitor had a slightly warm tinge to its picture, though screen uniformity was good overall. Blacks were sufficiently dark, but during our viewing of Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, the monitor was unable to render all the nuances of the animation. The intricate interplay of light and shadow wasn’t as evident in the rendering.

While the snap-on base is extremely handy for assembly, the oddly placed control buttons aren’t the easiest to use. During our trials they were a little stiff and not easily accessible. In addition, due to the absence of any form of lighting for the buttons, they were literally invisible once the lights were turned off.

If you’re an enthusiast, the HL195 is almost certainly not the monitor for you. While many present-day displays rush to throw in 1080p resolutions, HDMI connectivity and touch-enabled buttons, the HL195 almost seems basic by comparison. On the other hand, the asking price of S$158 means that it is extremely affordable. If all you require is a basic, small-sized display, and can do without the frills and add-ons, the HL195 will be more than suitable for the task.