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GStor Secure Mobile Storage

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Storage Security Goes Mobile

Storage Security Goes Mobile

Imagine this - you have all your important documents stored in your personal external hard drive. The drive contains all your documents with financial transactions, things about your personal life, your next hit novel and highly classified work you have been doing with your company. You were traveling to another country and checked in your luggage (with your hard drive) at the airport but upon arriving at your destination, you discovered it was lost. The airline said that it was checked through properly and told you it must have been stolen at the baggage collection. You were offered compensation for the items in the luggage, but what was lost was more than the cost of the hardware (the amount that the airline compensates you). Although you had a backup stashed somewhere in your office, the loss is estimated to be in the region of tens of thousands of dollars if it falls into the wrong hands.

Although this is just a theoretical scenario, it could happen to anyone of us. Data theft is increasingly becoming a problem for a lot of companies and recent research shows that targeted laptop theft has increased by twofold over the past year. What worries companies and executives is the cost of data lost to corporate data thieves, not the cost of the laptop itself.

So, the question really boils down to how does one protect data from unwanted access. There are of course software solutions that could perform a full encryption of your files and emails, all the way down to an entire disk volume. However, these solutions can be costly as licenses are bound to the individual desktop. Not to mention that software based solutions can also take up significant processing resources as every file access would require the CPU to constantly perform encryption/decryption on the disk volume.

This is where ExcelStor Technology's new mobile storage device comes into the picture. It looks like just any other external hard disk drive available out there in the market, but it comes with a twist. It has built-in hardware encryption, which protects the data stored in the hard drive. Users without the decryption key will not be able to access the drive, let alone the data stored inside the drive.