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Gigabyte Poseidon (GZ-XA1CA-STB) review

Gigabyte Poseidon (GZ-XA1CA-STB)

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Showing that its initial foray into casings was not just a one-off show, Gigabyte has followed up its distinctive debut, the 3D Aurora with two new offerings. These new mid-tower casings were introduced simultaneously at the beginning of March and consists of two series bearing mythic names like Poseidon and Triton. Going by the press materials we found on the Poseidon and the Triton , these two may be marketed as disparate series but based on our impressions, they look unmistakably like a product conceived by the same team of designers and engineers.

Both their chassis and outward appearances are mostly similar and the Poseidon seems like a more elaborate version of the Triton as it also has the 'fortune' to be the second recipient of Gigabyte's patent pending light beam projector. Mounted at the front bottom of the casing, the projector blends into the design quite seamlessly. Meanwhile, the Triton has most of the features of the Poseidon but lacks the projector. Overall, both these new series seem more conventional and less attention grabbing than the unique 3D Aurora.

To find out if these cursory impressions are valid, we have today a Poseidon casing from Gigabyte for our review. To be specific, we received the GZ-XA1CA-STB, the model name presumably referring to the black version, while the silver one is known as GZ-XA1CA-STS. Here then is a picture of this new Gigabyte casing: