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Gigabyte GV-NX88T512HP (GeForce 8800 GT 512MB, TurboForce Edition) review

Gigabyte GV-NX88T512HP (GeForce 8800 GT 512MB, TurboForce Edition)

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The Gigabyte GV-NX88T512HP

The Gigabyte GV-NX88T512HP

Unlike the closed and shrouded reference design, the Gigabyte GV-NX88T512HP uses a two-slot Zalman cooler, with that familiar fan shaped design. Interestingly, the fins are a mixture of copper and aluminum, though unlike the retail version from Zalman, the memory chips on this card do not include individual heatsinks. The cooler is also a dual ball bearing design and is extremely quiet, with Zalman's website stating a noise level of between 18.5 - 28.5 decibels (the maximum occurs when it's running at 2650rpm). From the looks of it, installing this cooler is straightforward so if you're inclined towards this cooler and already have a GeForce 8800 GT, you can get this from Zalman and the specifications are listed here.

As for the card's clock speeds, it is overclocked quite high at 700MHz for the core and 1900MHz DDR for the memory, placing it among the faster cards we have seen. Besides that, Gigabyte continues to tout its ultra durable technology, which includes features like all solid capacitors, though these are also found on the standard design. Then there's also Gigabyte's Turbo Force technology that claims to enhance stability during overclocking. Finally, Gigabyte's game of the moment, found in most of its graphics cards now, is Neverwinter Nights 2 and again you'll find that in the package, along with the items below:

  • 1 x DVI-to-VGA adaptor
  • Driver CD
  • Quick installation guide
  • 6-pin Molex power connector
  • 9-pin mini-DIN to S-Video/Component cable

Test Setup

As usual, our ever reliable test system is made up of an Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 (2.66GHz) processor on an Intel D975XBX 'Bad Axe' motherboard and equipped with 2GB of low latency DDR2-800 HyperX memory from Kingston. We also had a Seagate 7200.7 hard drive, installed with Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 and DirectX 9.0c.

All the NVIDIA cards here were tested using ForceWare 169.02 drivers. As some of you may recognize, we have selected the cards here from our previous shootout involving ten GeForce 8800 GT cards, chosen because they are close to the clock speeds on this new Gigabyte. We have also added a standard clocked GeForce 8800 GT from Gigabyte as a reference. The following benchmarks were tested using their built-in time demo or benchmarking tools:

  • Futuremark 3DMark06 (ver 102)
  • Company of Heroes (ver 1.3)
  • F.E.A.R (ver 1.0)
  • Supreme Commander (patched to 3255)
  • Crysis
  • Unreal Tournament 3 Beta Demo