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Gigabyte 3D Aurora 570 review

Gigabyte 3D Aurora 570 Casing

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Exterior Design Part 1

Exterior Design Part 1

Gigabyte has probably received some feedback about the appearance of the original 3D Aurora, for the company has cleaned up the bloated front protrusion that housed the light beam projector. The lower part of the protrusion has been removed, which also allows for better air intake as it now reveals a wire meshed air vent. The light beam projector, which we found rather gimmicky, is still there hidden behind the lower aluminum bezel but Gigabyte has improved it such that the projector panel can be easily swapped for your own custom version. While we didn't really like it personally, it is pretty harmless and users can always leave it alone if they find it as useless as we do. If you really fancy it, Gigabyte has also included an extra transparent projector panel and there are instructions on its website on how to print your own custom labels or logos for the projector.

Besides the slight change in the front bezel design, the solid door that we liked before has been retained. This hefty door is extremely solid and is secured by two powerful magnets. Unlike the flimsy doors from certain Cooler Master casings that kept popping open at the slightest touch, the Gigabyte 3D Aurora 570 is more secure, closing with a resounding thud. One subtle but important change has been the orientation of the door. The door on the original 3D Aurora used to swing open to the left (in a clockwise direction), which favored users who place their casings on their left. For the 570, the door now swings open to the right (in an anti-clockwise direction), which should suit nicely for right-handers. While we are sure that this move would be welcomed by most users, as there are probably more right-handers than left, we feel that Gigabyte could have taken cue from other manufacturers and have the orientation of the door self customizable according to user's preference. Of course in which case, the security door lock on the Aurora would probably be very difficult to implement and may have to be sacrificed.