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Gigabyte 3D Aurora 570 review

Gigabyte 3D Aurora 570 Casing

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Gigabyte jumped right into the crowded enclosures market when it introduced the impressive 3D Aurora last year. For a debut chassis, it certainly made an impression on us with its comprehensive and competitive features. The exterior appearance, particularly the bloated front facade, initially did not appeal to us while the much touted light beam projector seemed like another useless LED gimmick. However, Gigabyte eventually won us over with its close attention to detail. It was as if the company did a thorough survey of all the chassis available and only reproduced the best features in the 3D Aurora. Hence, the 3D Aurora easily won our vote as one of the better casings of the year.

A year later and with a couple of other successful casings like the Poseidon and the Triton under its belt, Gigabyte has returned to its roots and made some tweaks to the 3D Aurora. This new full tower enclosure, now known as the 3D Aurora 570, has been expanded with the depth of the casing increased from 510mm to 570mm (hence the 570 in the model name). This should give users more elbowroom during motherboard installation though the height and width remains the same. A redesigned and cleaner front bezel, and a relocation of the front connectivity ports are some of the other obvious cosmetic changes. Let's peek in and see what other changes you can expect from the new and hopefully improved 3D Aurora: