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GeCube GC-XHD2600XTG4-D3 review

GeCube GC-XHD2600XTG4-D3 (Radeon HD 2600 XT 256MB GDDR4)

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By the time this article is published, the retail availability of the mainstream Radeon HD graphics cards will almost reach the one-month mark. Obviously, it is still premature to pass judgment on its success so far, though based on our anecdotal experiences, it seems to be faring quite decently despite NVIDIA's performance leadership for the segment. Our background as hardware enthusiasts may slightly skew our priorities sometimes but for the lower and mid-range segment, performance may not necessarily be the overriding factor. We shall know whether this cautious optimism regarding the Radeon HD is accurate once actual sales figures are available. At least ATI seems to have ample supply of these cards and we have seen quite a comprehensive lineup of Radeon HD cards from ATI's manufacturing partners.

Sapphire, PowerColor and XpertVision are some of the brands with Radeon HD cards that we have reviewed over the past months, while others like HIS, ASUS and MSI have also gotten in on the act. GeCube is another partner that has stuck with ATI, including to the extent of releasing some unique AGP versions of ATI products that are native PCIe. As you might expect, the company has some special editions of the Radeon HD to offer consumers. Today, we take a look at the GeCube GC-XHD2600XTG4-D3 (thereafter simply known as GeCube in this article for brevity's sake) and the X-Turbo II cooler on it. Here are its technical specifications: