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Fujitsu Lifebook SH771 review

Fujitsu Lifebook SH771 - Strictly Business

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Overall rating 8.5/10
Quality Build, Slim and Light
Swappable Optical Drive
Small Trackpad

Internal Design and Features

Internal Design and Features

On the Interior, the layout of the essential elements like the spill-resistant keyboard, trackpad and speakers are very similar to many other Fujitsu machines of this class. The first thing that you’d notice however, is the chiclet keys on the keyboard. Most Fujitsu machines we’ve come across so far don’t feature chiclet keyboards, but on the SH771, the implementation is close to perfect. The keys are well-spaced, while key-travel is as much as you’d expect from a notebook keyboard and the keys have a bounce that make it delightful to type on. .

The small trackpad came as a disappointment to us. We’d much prefer to have larger (and clickable) trackpads on our laptops, but Fujitsu opted to keep the fingerprint reader in between the trackpad buttons as usual. Since it's a machine built for enterprise use, we'd have to take a step back on this one and give it to Fujitsu for making this decision (the fingerprint reader can be put somewhere else though). It doesn't mean however that we like this implementation, but we suppose most corporate users would feel at home with this conventional design.


Thankfully, all is not lost. Having a puny trackpad means it can incorporate a Fujitsu signature feature - the scrollpad. It doesn’t give your machine any multi-touch powers, but it is there so that you can scroll in any direction effortlessly. Not an incredibly mind-bending feature to have, but extremely useful when you need to scroll (which is pretty often) nonetheless.


As an enterprise machine, it would be understandable if Fujitsu skimped on the speakers, but thankfully, they chose not to. The speakers here are reasonably loud, and would be useful should the user choose to use the machine for impromptu presentations. Just don’t expect to have the sound reach across a large boardroom.