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Fujifilm X10 review

Fujifilm X10 - A Compact with Character

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Overall rating 8.5/10
Excellent clarity & low-noise images
Beautiful design & build quality
Fast & bright f/2-2.8 lens
Slow & inaccurate auto-focus
Image distortion at wide focal lengths
Low battery life
'White orb' artifact in some images
More Awards:
Most Innovative Product

Image Performance II - Clarity & ISO

Image Performance II - Clarity & ISO

Where the X10's image sensor really shines is how wide its dynamic range is. The X10 manages to squeeze in image detail in areas where a lesser camera would have either washed or blacked out. Another area where the X10 excels is its color reproduction; especially in the blues. We can't emphasize enough how much pop the X10's dynamic range and color gives its images. Fujifilm credits this to its Super EXR sensor, which uses a different way to arrange photosites as compared to the commonly found Bayer color filter array.

Clarity & ISO Performance

The benefits of a larger sensor shows, as the X10 manages to keep image noise to an impressive minimum while capturing fine detail, at a level that outshines most compact cameras currently on the market.

If we're being strict pixel-peepers, some image noise is visible in dark areas at ISO400, and we'd judge the upper limit for balance between noise and detail to be ISO800, but we'd be willing to shoot up to ISO1600. In comparison to other compact cameras though, the clarity you still find at ISO800 and ISO1600 is superb. Casual users who aren't zooming into their images at 100% will probably find shooting at even higher ISO settings quite acceptable.

The X10's noise is more luminance than color noise, and so colors aren't affected as much at high ISO settings; you'll just see more muddiness in the image. The camera shoots up to ISO12800 at 3MP, but the quality is so bad we can't imagine why the option is even available. The X10 scores a high 2000 x 2000LPH on our resolution chart, which is higher than most compact cameras can manage. In the real world this translates to images which are more detailed than you'll normally get with standard compacts. Combine that together with the wide dynamic range and punchy colors, and you'll get some beautiful photographs coming from the X10.