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Foxconn MARS review

Foxconn MARS (Intel P35)

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MARS Attack

Foxconn is no stranger to the PC component market, but recently, we've noticed their renewed efforts to shake off their OEM image to better compete in the performance segments. In our last Foxconn review, we checked out the Foxconn X38A, a high-end offering based on the Intel X38 chipset. The X38A was a good motherboard by all accounts, but being part of the mainstream Digital Life series, it didn't really break any new ground for Foxconn either.

You may find it surprising, but their current flagship product is not based on the Intel X38. Instead, it is an Intel P35 motherboard, a motherboard that has an actual name attached to it instead of the cold and impersonal alphanumeric sequence that Foxconn loves so much. In its effort to warm up to the gaming and overclocking community, Foxconn created the Quantum Force series, and the first (and still only member) motherboard to come out of this program is the MARS.

  • 5 x SATA cables plus power adapters
  • UltraDMA 133/100/66 cable
  • Floppy disk drive cable
  • 2-port USB2.0 + 1-port IEEE 1394a module
  • Heat-pipe optional fan
  • I/O Shield
  • Foxconn Quantum Force accessories (dog tag, stickers)
  • Driver CD
  • User's manual and guides