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Foxconn X38A review

Foxconn "Digital Life" X38A (Intel X38)

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About a month ago, Foxconn sent us a review sample of their latest flagship motherboard, the Foxconn X38A. As this was before the official launch of the Intel X38 chipset, we could only run a preview of the board. Since its launch though, we found that the retail version of the Foxconn X38A motherboard has undergone some minor cosmetic changes as well as being the star in Foxconn's latest Digital Life product segment. However, there hadn't been any modifications to functionality or design and our sample was proven to be feature-complete and fit for a review.

In this review, we will look closer at the X38A motherboard and check out the differences between our sample and the retail board. As usual, before we go into the details, you can check out the full technical specifications in the following table:-