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SonicGear SonicSpace iP12 Time Machine review

First Looks: SonicGear SonicSpace iP12 Time Machine

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First Looks: SonicGear SonicSpace iP12 Time Machine

Hickory Dickory Dock

SonicGear has been in the audio industry for many years now and throughout the years, they have branched out to offer more than speakers as they now have a catalog that encompasses earphones, headphones, multimedia speakers and most recently iPhone/iPod docks. Their latest addition to the SonicSpace range of devices is the iP12 Time Machine, a new-age iPhone/iPod dock that was designed for the bedside or desktop.

Not Your Ordinary Clock

One of the main aspects of a SonicSpace device is that it is made to save space and the Time Machine does just that as it has a very small form factor. The overall design is simplistic in essence as there aren't many buttons or dials on the Time Machine. In total, there are only three buttons; the Power and Snooze button are on the top of the device, while the Dimmer button used to brighten or darken the numbers is located at the back.

If you're wondering how can anyone control the device with such a lack of buttons and controls, don't worry as the Time Machine comes with a small wireless remote control. The design of the remote control doesn't stray from most of SonicGear's other remote controls when it comes to devices of this stature. We also found that the buttons require a bit of pressure to push.

And with a name like Time Machine, this iPhone/iPod dock actually does double duty as an alarm clock. On its glossy facade are 11 numbers aligned like a clock and if you're wondering where the number 12 and indicators are, they are meant to be on your iPhone or iPod. Users have a choice to download an app from Apple's AppStore that melds their iPhone or iPod with the Time Machine. After activating the app, the number 12 and clock hands will appear on the screen of the device.

There is also an LCD display in the middle of the device that is used to show the time when there isn't an iPod or iPhone docked. Other than just displaying the time, it also shows the radio station you're listening to and volume level.

Made to Soothe the Soul

Features wise, the Time Machine doesn't just play music from iPhones and iPods as it is also able to pick up FM radio frequencies so you have a choice of either waking up to your favorite music stored in your Apple device or radio station. The Time Machine even allows users to store up to nine of their favorite radio stations.

Equipped with only two 1-inch full range drivers, users shouldn't expect exceptional sound quality from the Time Machine. Seeing as this was meant for the bedroom, we suggest playing easy-listening or slow songs with the Time Machine as it has very low bass levels making songs sound a little hollow and tinny. But with that being said, the Time Machine can actually play very loud although with some slight distortion. Timbre and sound staging were also quite nicely produced.

It's a shame SonicGear didn't include equalizer settings on the Time Machine, as we're pretty sure with that addition they would have a device that would satisfy most users who want to use it during parties or even gatherings. So, for now we can say that fans of Josh Groban, Enya and the like will certainly enjoy the Time Machine.

Final Thoughts

The SonicGear SonicSpace iP12 Time Machine is actually a good device overall and although we may not have the actual price of the product, seeing as it is from SonicGear, its price tag shouldn't be too hefty and with all the features it comes with, we're pretty sure users looking for a cool and new-age alarm clock might just want to get their hands on it.