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Sarotech Wizplat "Hardbox" HDD Casing review

First Looks: Sarotech Wizplat "Hardbox" HDD Casing

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Sarotech's latest Wizplat W-31UA "Hardbox" 3.5-inch HDD casing may seem like it drew its inspiration from a certain popular Western Digital model, but rest assured that the Hardbox does have its own personality once you get to know it.

Storybook Love

Let's start with the design aesthetics of the Hardbox first. Despite it being a 3.5-inch HDD casing, the Hardbox feels slimmer than its 40mm width, thanks to its black, brushed aluminum surface. The color black, as most fashion gurus will tell you, will make you look thinner depending on the situation. It's probably safe to say this scenario applies here too. You may be also slightly taken aback with the choice of a garish red plastic cover which completes the "spine" of the Hardbox bookish design, though it does complement the look.

Moving on, the brushed aluminum surface comes etched with a leaf and vine motif, which conveys a sense of storybook fairy-tale for those indulging in their second childhood. Without doubt, it stands out and exudes a certain rakish appeal. On the practical side, it also feels more portable than the usual HDD casings, as it does away with the need for a separate power brick thanks to an internal power supply.

The Magic is in the Assembly

This is as fuss free as it gets, folks. There are no brackets or extra cables to mess around with, just six screws and you. If you like things simple, then the Hardbox's easy assembly will definitely appeal to you. Let's start with the basics: two screws to remove the cover, a bay to slot in your SATA 3.5-inch hard disk with matching SATA power and interface points, and a quick flip around to screw the hard disk securely. Then replace the cover and screws and you're good to go, all in less than five minutes!

Your Story is in the Past

Like almost every other HDD casing package out in the market, the Hardbox comes included with backup software. In this case (pun intended), the software provided is Clarus Inc's IntelliStor, which offers the standard suite of backup tools from scheduling, file filtering, and "One Push Backup" button (which works with the backup button located at the back of the casing).

Fairy Tale Ending

For $79, the Sarotech Wizplat W-31UA Hardbox may seem a tad expensive, but you're essentially getting a fuss free experience with a pretty nice design to boot. So yeah, why not?