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Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA6 review

First Looks: Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA6

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E"Xacti" What I Need

E"Xacti" What I Need

Taking snapshots of candid moments at the beach or by the poolside always make for stirring photos, but there's always a risk of mishaps for your camera or camcorder. Not so with the new Xacti VPC-CA6 from Sanyo. This is a digital movie camera that is not only capable of taking photos and videos but is also weather proof and all ready to hit the beach.

Let’s get wet!

When we say that the Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA6 is weather proof, it doesn’t mean it can be thrown into a pool. At best, the Xacti is resilient to the elements and because it complies with the JIS Protection Grade 4 standards, users can now have a greater peace of mind in enjoying their day out rather than worrying about the environment they are in. When held, you will find that all major controls on the Xacti had been located with the user in mind: the photo and movie button, zoom in/out buttons, menu button, record/play button, and the 5-way directional button are all conveniently located in one spot. There is a 2.0-inch LCD built into the left profile for framing and viewing purposes. Oddly, unlike conventional camcorders, the LCD on the Xacti can neither be shifted nor swiveled, which makes it difficult if not impossible for one to properly snap a picture or take a video of oneself using the onboard 6-megapixel sensor.

Collect and select

With a high performance 6.37-megapixel CCD and a built-in flash, the Xacti VPC-CA6 packs the right components to deliver quality photos and videos.

Functions such as Focusing (Standard, Total Range, Macro Shots), Focus Mode (5-point and Spot), Exposure Metering (Center, Multi, Spot), ISO setting (Auto, 50, 100, 200, and 400), Auto White Balancing (Auto, Sunny, Cloudy, Florescent, Incandescent, and One Push), Filters (Cosmetic, Monochrome, Sepia), and Scene Select Modes (Sports, Portrait, Landscape, Night, Snow and Beach, Fireworks, and Lamp) are all standard and adjustable. It even has different flash intensities, a delay timer and image stabilizer to drive home its camera attributes conclusively.

Beyond its digital camera and camcorder functions, the Xacti can also be used as a card reader, a PictBridge printing device or a PC camera. Once data connection has been established, users will be prompted to set the Xacti to one of the three preset modes. Regardless the mode however, images and video clips can simply be extracted and viewed without any form of format conversion whatsoever.

A few pictures and videos confirmed the Sanyo Xacti’s photo and video performance. We found very minimal noise in photos and playback rate of recorded video clips was silky smooth. On the whole, Sanyo has done a commendable job in ensuring the Xacti is simple as it is functional.

Final thoughts

The Sany Xacti VPC-CA6 scores high as a handy camera with weather proof quality. And having proven its imaging performance, there really is no reason why it should be discounted because it looks more like a toy than a credible camera.