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Razer Boomslang CE 2007 review

First Looks: Razer Boomslang CE 2007

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Never Say Never Again

Never Say Never Again

Back in 1999, Razer made a name for themselves with the Boomslang, the first ball mouse designed for high-precision gaming, boasting a then unheard of 2000dpi. The Boomslang soon gained recognition quickly among the gaming community due to its functions and performance, but was surpassed by newer generation mice as optical technology took over, and Razer discontinued the line in 2001.

Fast forward to late 2007, Razer announced that the Boomslang would be getting a Collector's Edition treatment, with only 10,000 units produced worldwide.

License to Kill

Instead of releasing the same ball mouse repackaged, Razer has updated the Boomslang CE 2007 with their latest optical technology while retaining its original form factor. Of course, Razer couldn't have gotten away with using old technology for a mouse that made them famous in the gaming circles without howls of protests from said gamers, so it is no surprise that the Boomslang CE comes loaded with the best optical sensor that Razer could squeeze into it.

Packing an 1800dpi 3G infrared sensor and a 1ms response time, the Boomslang CE feels extremely responsive and sensitive even on a normal table top, and with its Ultraslick Teflon feet, slides along well on most surfaces. As a nice touch, Razer has also included extra feet replacements should you wear out the current ones.

If you're trigger happy and want to just use one customized mouse for everything, you'll definitely like the onboard memory that Razer has added on to the Boomslang CE that allows you to save profiles and load them up on the go. This means you can just go around showing off your limited edition mouse and make other gamers drool with envy as you frag them without a need to install the Boomslang drivers on every computer.

You Only Live Twice

Since the form factor pretty much remains the same as the old Boomslang, users will still have the original problem of getting used to the shape and size of the mouse - unless of course you are an original Boomslang owner.

The only noticeable change from the original Boomslang is the new premium titanium finish of the mouse, which gives it a sleeker look. And, what's a modern Razer mouse without a killer glow. The Boomslang CE lights up with an ambient green glow both on the scroll wheel and on the bottom of the unit. In what seems to be a tribute to the original packaging of the Boomslang, the CE version also comes packed in a black Danish cookie tin.

Live and Let Die

It's hard to ignore a gamer using a Razer mouse, thanks to the popularity of the original Boomslang which has made gaming mice a must have requirement for serious gamers. It's even harder to ignore someone with a Boomslang CE, which has been updated to today's exacting standards for gaming mice, due in part to the iconic status of the original and the fact that with its now upgraded hardware, the Razer Boomslang CE 2007 is a fearsome weapon in the right (or left) hands of a master.