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Nokia X7 review

First Looks: Nokia X7 – Sexy Slice of Symbian Anna

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Nokia X7 – Sample Photos, Videos and Final Thoughts

Photo And Video

The X7 comes with an 8-megapixel camera and has the ability to shoot high-definition video. The pictures are quite sharp, although the camera struggles in low light situations, even with the dual LED flash on. Video on the other hand is consistently great both indoors and outdoors.


Final Thoughts

As far as Symbian phones go, this is the best you can get. Sleek and solid styling, a big beautiful screen, and excellent photo and video make for a very attractive package. Using it though, you can feel the age of the operating system. It’s still menu heavy, which is a remnant of the non-touch days, which means you go through one extra step to get where you want and applications are deep-nested. The Anna update does give it much more polish, but it is still miles behind Android or iOS. If you don’t mind all that, it’s yours for PhP 21,275.