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 Nokia E51 review

First Looks: Nokia E51

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E for Enterprise!

E for Enterprise!



Give us an E and you'll get Enterprise! With the new Nokia E51, consumers can expect an array of business features to go along its two available colors of Rose and Black. Is this mobile the right match for the hectic executive lifestyle?

For the Stylish Entrepreneur

As they say, first impressions count and Nokia has not slacked in any way on that front. Comparing the E51 with its chunky predecessor, the E90, we found that size really matters. The Nokia E51 has a diminutive footprint and weighs 100g. Despite its size, it manages to pack in sufficient features that executives can replace all their devices with it.

Internally, the E51 is essentially quite similar to the other Nokia E series mobile phones, from the operating system used to its memory capacity and included software. A major change though is that the S60 menu logo has been replaced by a home icon, making it much easier for new users to adapt to.

Externally, the E51 is clad with a rose colored brushed metal surface, providing it with a very durable and sturdy feel. However, with its excessive amount of chrome, the exterior does attract a whole lot of fingerprints. The E51 also uses a transflective screen which allows the display to be readable even in bright sunlight.

The keypad is decently spaced and protruded, so messaging is a good experience but by contrast, the dedicated buttons for the power, volume, voice tags and voice recordings are made of rubber. Since they are flushed with the plastic casing, there is a lack of tactile feel.

Connectivity Cauldron

When the E51 is switched on, users should find three additional shortcuts on the standby screen prompting them to set up voice mail, email and internet telephony. Once done, these shortcuts would disappear. The shortcuts can easily be hidden and customized according to the preference of the user. There is also a white LED light that flashes whenever the mobile receives a new event, for instance, an incoming SMS.

Connectivity wise, the Nokia E51 is almost complete. It has Wi-Fi like all E series handsets and also HSDPA, making it a 3.5G mobile. Therefore, staying connected is very simple, not forgetting that in Singapore, users are even able to access the Nokia WiFi Zone on some buses and interchanges. For a business user, staying connected is integral and Nokia clearly understands that. Battery life of the handset is also excellent and we have no complaints.

Enterprising and Resourceful

Along with the recently reviewed Nokia 6120, the E51 is another example of a smart phone that is both handy and feature packed. A full set of connectivity options and an awesome battery life makes the Nokia E51 a good personal assistant for the hectic business user. And the best thing about this mobile is that it's an affordable S$588.