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Nokia 6070 review

First Looks: Nokia 6070

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The Hassle-Free Choice

The Hassle-Free Choice

As the barrage of expensive convergence mobile devices (such as the Nokia N series) continue to flood the market, one may wonder: "Are there still mobile phones out there that are just affordable and functional?" The answer for that is a resounding 'Yes!' In fact, Nokia has come out with a range of models to satisfy this particular group looking for a functional mobile phone more than anything else. Among these new phones in the market is the 6070 – a sensible phone for practical people.

Elegance in Simplicity

The Nokia 6070 exudes an extraordinary appeal despite its plain, monoblock design. Up front, users will notice the large 65K color (128x160 pixel) display of the phone, accompanied by its ample keypad. With this setup, shouldn't have a hard time reading text messages, navigating through its GUI or inputting data, providing an ideal mobile phone experience.

For those familiar with the classic Nokia shouldn't have a problem navigating the 6070. An IR port and internal speakers are on the right side of the phone, while the volume control buttons can be found on the opposite side. An integrated VGA camera is mounted on the back of the unit allowing rudimentary photo taking. True to their designs, the charging and PC synchronization port is located at the bottom and the power/profile button on top.

The 6070: Mobility at Your Fingertips

The Nokia 6070 hosts a lot of features you’d find in a typical mobile phone. The phone has support for all major languages in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region and has a predictive text input for speedier message composition. It also has speed dialing, dialed/received/missed call log, call waiting, call hold, call divert, and call timer functions, making call management a snap. Moreover, standard functions such as calender, calculator, stopwatch, to-do list, notepad and alarm clock are all present.

Not Everything is Old

Besides the basic features on this mobile phone, Nokia was able to breathe more life into it by adding some modern phone facilities to boot. Besides generic SMS and MMS support, users can access email through its built-in client (that is IMAP4, POP3, and SMTP – TCP/IP based). In addition, the 6070 also features EDGE and GPRS connectivity and comes with its own integrated XHTML browser. You can basically access the net and download new user interfaces, MIDI and MP3 ring tones, games, and screen savers from the Nokia website.

One of the fun features that is available to the 6070 is the Push to Talk functionality that allows real time one-to-one or one-to-many voice communication over cellular similar to a walkie talkie – so long as one's mobile phone operator offers it of course.

Various multimedia functions are also included, giving users more bang for their buck. The 6070 has a basic 640x480 VGA camera, a video player, and can function as a voice recorder as well. The phone comes with 16MB onboard memory, but only a scant 3.2MB is available for use. Not enough to really store anything fancy and you'll eventually appreciate and grow fond of the onboard FM tuner.

Final Thoughts

For those that are married to technology, the 6070 may seem like a very archaic phone today, but if you ever need a simple and dependable mobile phone – not a video camera, portable media player, entertainment center or personal assistant cum phone device, but just a phone – then this is what you've been looking for. With its classic build, large and bright LCD screen, tactile keyboard and useful connectivity functions, the Nokia 6070 is a breath of fresh air.