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Logitech Harmony Universal Remote Controllers review

First Looks: Logitech Harmony Universal Remote Controllers

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If for some unknown reason the Harmony remote control fails to work with some devices in 'Activity' mode, there is a user-friendly troubleshooting guide that uses simple questions such as "Is your TV turned on?", "Is your TV channel set to AV2?", and etc to derive at the right responses to correct configuration errors. Essentially, Logitech wants users to feel absolutely confident that their Harmony universal remote controls are intelligent and truly programmable.


Let's face it; having a bunch of different remote controls on the table can be both daunting and unsightly. Gadgets like the Logitech Harmony series of universal remote controls, while not entirely free from configuration, will be indispensable tools for any household with a growing number of remote controls. Once the Harmony is up and running properly, you'll be hard pressed to revert back to using separate remote controls for controlling different components within your home entertainment setup.

Within the Harmony range are different universal remote controls for different needs. At the high-end spectrum is the USD$299 Harmony 885 that has a colored LCD screen (with customizable icons), a gyroscopic sleep mode, and capable of controlling up to 15 devices. On the other end is the more basic Harmony 525 that for just USD$119, gives you control of up to 12 components, which is still more than capable of fulfilling the needs of most households.

For those who own an Xbox 360 gaming console, do look out for the Xbox 360 edition Harmony universal remote that lets you control all the functions of the Xbox 360 such as the guide, DVD controls and more. It even comes with a dedicated set of X, Y, A, and B buttons that are similar in application to Xbox 360 controllers. What's more, all Harmony remote controls come with backlit buttons so you do not have to worry about pressing the wrong button in the dark.

In short, arming yourself with a Logitech Harmony universal remote control will not only assist you in managing your home entertainment setup but also free you from the unsightly clutter of multiple loose remote controls. The last virtue alone should be more than ample to justify giving Logitech's Harmony universal remote controls a serious consideration.