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Logitech AudioHub Notebook Speaker System review

First Looks: Logitech AudioHub Notebook Speaker System

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Logitech's AudioHub made its debut over in the states last year and after a four-month wait, it has finally reached the shores of Singapore. Designed primarily as an alternate speaker system for notebooks, the AudioHub is predictably bulkier than your typical iPod speaker dock. Without further ado, let's take an audio fidelity trip with the AudioHub.

Big on Size and Quality

The AudioHub is definitely not much of a poster boy in the mobility department. Removing the AudioHub out of its package, we discovered that the weight and length of this speaker system is anything but portable, more so with its hefty power adapter. This is however acceptable since the AudioHub is conceived as a permanent fixture attached to your notebook to enhance the audio experience.

Designed as a single piece, with the down-firing woofer at the center, the AudioHub's two stereo speakers are located right at the sides. One can slide out and extend the speakers beyond a conventional notebook's length, giving them the freedom to perform its auditory magic. Control switches are located on the right, made prominent with an orange glow upon powering up the AudioHub. However, we found no separate control dials for its bass or treble volumes, which is a limitation of the AudioHub's control scheme.

We took the AudioHub on a quick test run with a few selected tracks, and generally speaking, the results were pleasing to the ear. Audio performance was better than average, with well defined higher frequencies and a punchy bass which wasn't overly driven. Tracks like Keane's "Can't Stop Now" (ripped at a bit rate of 192kbps) sounded just as full as on any decent desktop speakers, with a burly mid-range yield of Tom Chaplin's vocals.

A True Hub

Connection-wise, you'll find that the AudioHub's 2-foot cable is sufficiently long to reach the notebook's USB port with ease, thus removing the need for extension cables of any kind. This is especially important, since it cuts down on the cable clutter one normally experiences when they hook up their computers with other speaker systems. And to sweeten the deal, the AudioHub's moniker comes into play when you notice three high speed USB ports along its body, which is appropriate since extra USB ports to link up various peripherals such as DVD burners, thumb drives and others, are much desired on notebooks. After you've had your fill of auditory pleasure, simply shut down your notebook, and the AudioHub powers down with it too.

Final Track

At the end of the day, Logitech's AudioHub definitely performs as its name implies: an effective hub which increases connectivity options for your notebook while delivering above average audio quality for your multimedia experience. For notebook users who find themselves dissatisfied with their integrated speaker system and USB connectivity options, a reasonable $189 is worth the price for the AudioHub.