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LG KG800 Chocolate review

First Looks: LG KG800 Chocolate

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On The Catwalk

On The Catwalk

The LG KG800 Chocolate could have made its debut on a catwalk - 'Sexy' simply sums up the phone with its classy looks and sleek body. The body is almost entirely constructed of black plastic with a glossy finish, but clever design and construction gives a solid feel to it. The discreet backlit touch buttons are responsive and significantly adds to its sex-appeal. Complementing the unique touch buttons is a simple and straightforward interface. At 83g, the KG800 teases your hand as a modest 256k color LCD (176 x 220 pixels) playfully paints vivid pictures under its tinted cover.

Media Juggling

The phone's inbuilt 128MB shared memory is enough for approximately 40 MP3 songs - a sharp contrast when compared to Motorola's V3 supermodel which offers only 5MB. The propriety power jack doubles as an audio output for a tasteful pair of earphones and remote control that are thoughtfully included. From our use, the audio quality from the phone and earphones is sharp and clear, nothing in the way that would spoil the experience. However, in order to use the earphones, the provided remote control must also be used, as the 3.5mm jack is only found at the output end.

A decent flash along with its 1.3-megapixel camera both hidden inside the slide function is a plus for such a sleek phone. Photos taken were clear and their colors remained true at up to 1280x960 pixels! The video must also deserve some praise for its quality on such a tiny phone. At 176 x 144 pixels, motion is handled well, with little to complain about its color reproduction. White balance, brightness (aperture), sepia effects and quality variables are standard options for both camera and video functions.

The volume button is intuitively placed on the left side, while the on/off button is well out of the user's way on right side. A handy multimedia shortcut button beside the on/off button allows the user to immediately select one of the three main functions of the phone: Camera, Video and MP3 playback.


From our time with the phone, we found that it also provides talk-time comparable to other non-3G phones; however the propriety ultra slim 800mAh battery that is part of the back-casing might be a hassle to replace in future.

In the Dressing Room

The phone slides open to reveal a small keypad, which unfortunately feels awkward as there is little to grip onto. The rigid keys without backlighting also add to an already unfortunate ergonomic keypad design, making SMS messaging on the KG800 a chore.

Ironically, the KG800 chocolate's biggest setback shares a similar trait with its namesake – it gets messy in hot and humid weather. The seductive glossy finish is a nightmare to maintain in our tropical weather. Fingerprints and smudges quickly build up with all the moisture. Also, the plastic LCD cover is essentially a part of the phone - scratching it is going to be heartbreaking. A clip-on protective plastic casing is included, but would defeat the entire purpose of the KG800 being an extremely sexy phone.

Final Thoughts

LG has recently been closing the gap with other mobile phone brands in the style segment aggressively, and the KG800 is clear proof of LG's intentions. Exceeding the expectations of a phone meant for the looks department with its charming aesthetics, it has also proven to be a competent media partner offering decent MP3 storage options, a 1.3-megapixel camera that includes flash and takes swell photos, videos, and is a good audio companion too. Overall, the LG KG800 Chocolate's strong points seem to overshadow the few minor shortcomings - especially if you are into phones for their bling.